A Wolf So Grim And Mangy

A Land of Darkness drowns in despair.
It’s called My Office.

When I’m not typing manifests, I churn out fantasy books no-one reads.
Less Young Adult, more MAD: Middle Aged Disappointment.
So, when I’m gifted a magic book for Secret Santa, I can’t believe my luck.

One miserable ‘Once Upon a Time’ later and I’m marooned on a frozen mountain,
heaving with weirdos, biting each other’s throats.

The Snake’s oily,
The Eagle’s bald,
The Bear’s accident prone,
My ‘Handsome Prince’ is more cheesed off Wolf, busy scratching,
I’ve no idea who the Villain is (unless it’s me).

Worst of all…
I’ve no way home and the Mangy Wolf’s got the hots for me.

Growing old is no fairytale.


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