Angry and scarred from her abusive past, Detective Lauren Frost has always been notorious.

Her scientist father – hero or torturer, depending which side you’re on – invented Artificial Intelligence Clones to fight our wars, only to be murdered by his own traumatised creation.

Although hoping to rescue others from the gangs that blighted her youth, Lauren’s foul mouth gets her saddled with the lowly case of a missing A.I. on the eve of their rights negotiations.

Even worse, she’s forced to work alongside a far from dream team:

Her gorgeous partner who frankly isn’t interested,

The veteran A.I. who hates her very name,

A psychedelic technowiz A.I. with PTSD,

And Ernie, the ankle biting Miniature Pinscher.

They’ve got nothing in common – except surprise when the case escalates into the hunt for a serial killer, whose agenda might just be terrifyingly personal.

The past can never be deleted.


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