At the time of writing this blog entry, the third and final book of my sci-fi series, Canellian Eye : Chosen, has been sent for the first round of feedback edits and is on target for a summer 2020 release.

When I began writing the trilogy in 2019, I always had a cataclysmic ending in view – the tagline for Chosen is Skies will fall – but it’s been remarkably strange writing amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

The extraordinary speed at which the world has lurched from oblivious to economic and physical lockdown has made this writer’s head spin. Observing the myriad ways in which governments, society and, indeed, myself have reacted to unprecedented times has been sobering, to say the least. Lockdown isolation, fear, blatant selfishness and hoarding are hard to deal with, but are offset by the selfless service of the care sector and essential workers, whose worth is now utterly apparent to us all.

So, how has it been, amidst all this, writing the prophesied and long awaited apocalypse about to engulf the planet of Elyacia?

The answer, to be frank, is far from easy. I’ve found it to be the most difficult to write of the trilogy, not only because there are so many characters and plot lines to tie up, but because that very sense of conclusion is hard to release.

Some characters will not survive. Others will experience trauma and some will witness the miracle of the impossible. So, is the conclusion fair? In the midst of a real-life crisis, I would have to answer no. Characters may get what they deserve or suffer more than they can bear. Some may perish in their innocence. Such is the nature of such times.

I’ve lived in this fictional world for over a year and I find that I’m both reluctant and relieved to see it pass, much as with most seasons. Soon the Canellian and Elyacian people will become as much a part of my past as today’s pandemic and I’ll move into new projects.

In time, the world will recover from trauma, but life will not be as before. We are irrevocably changed by such events. All we can do is choose to move forward into our new reality, resolving to be kind and to remember the sacrifice of many.